Your Weekend Reading: Three Questions To Be More Honest With Yourself & What The Year 2050 Has In Store For Mankind

Your Weekend Reading: Three Questions To Be More Honest With Yourself & What The Year 2050 Has In Store For Mankind

Lifestyle | Posted by - September 7, 2018 at 12:30 am

Peek into major moments of Apple’s design history, practice personal rituals to work through grief, and why people get happier as they age. 

The U-bend of Life - The Economist 

Research shows that people are least happy in their 40s and 50s, which is being identified as the u-bend. So, what causes the u-bend? Some economists, unconvinced that there’s a direct relationship between money and well-being, started to measure happiness. Four main factors are argued to be involved: gender, personality, external circumstances, and age. 

Ask Yourself These Three Questions To Be More Honest - YouInc 

We could all be a bit more honest with ourselves. When we feel inner conflict, it’s often because we know we shouldn’t be doing or saying something. Behavioural Economics Researcher Dan Ariely says there are three questions we need to ask ourselves to let go of our ego and get to the truth. Number one: think of yourself as an advisor. 

In Grief Try Personal Rituals - The Atlantic 

Loss and grief never ends. It’s part of our lives and the lives of our friends and family. So, if you find yourself experiencing loss in your life or needing to comfort someone, this piece shows us how to shed sentiment that may be holding us in sadness. 

A Behind-the-Scenes Look Into Some Key Moments in Apple’s Design History - Mac Rumours  

A former Apple software engineer has released a new book, Creative Selection, with an inside look at the company’s design process. The book title is born from the company’s iterative process to develop and refine product features, including seven elements that he says are essential to Apple’s success in software development. The author helped build Safari as well as software for the iPhone, despite never seeing the design of the product. 

Yuval Noah Harari On What The Year 2050 Has In Store For Humankind - Wired 

Israeli Historian and Author Yuval Noah Harari recently launched his new book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. The September/October issue of Wired features an article from Harari summarizing the ideas of his book. He says, “forget programming - the best skill to teach children is reinvention.” He argues that much of what kids learn today will likely be irrelevant by 2050. So he asks, what should we teach babies being born today that will help them survive and flourish in the world of 2050 or of the 22nd century? What kind of skills will they need to get a job, understand what’s happening around them and navigate the maze of life? Read on to find out.

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Kristen Marano

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