Your Weekend Reading: Why You Can’t Make Every Customer Happy & The Power Of Asking 'How Can I Help?'

Your Weekend Reading: Why You Can’t Make Every Customer Happy & The Power Of Asking 'How Can I Help?'

Lifestyle | Posted by - August 17, 2018 at 12:30 am

How to focus on the right customer, the power of asking "how can I help?", and why great success can bring out the worst parts of our personalities. Here are your weekend reads: 

My Amsterdam Is Being Uncreated By Mass Tourism - The Guardian 

If you live in a big city, then you know the overwhelming feeling of mass tourism in summer. So, if you’re like Dutch Novelist Joost de Vries, who lives in Amsterdam, you likely escape tourism by traveling yourself. He argues that while tourism has changed his country and much of Europe, it hasn’t changed how we connect with each other. 

Why Great Success Can Bring Out The Worst Parts Of Our Personalities - HBR 

It’s no secret that leaders like Elon Musk have difficult personalities. But, it’s not these personality traits that cause entrepreneurial success. Learn what psychological factors can derail success once you’ve made it, and how to face up to these challenges. 

Your Job Is Not To Make Every Possible Customer Happy - Think Growth 

You can’t please every customer or your business won’t survive. Instead, focus on the right customer for optimal sales. In a personal post, Lean Startup Founder Steve Blank, shares a recent conversation with an entrepreneur, who couldn’t understand why users weren’t converting into payers. A walk on Blank’s ranch revealed the problem. 

The Power of Asking “How Can I Help?” (Even When You Need Support Most) - YouInc 

Entrepreneur Patrick Ip’s search to join valuable professional networks, led him to create a Facebook community that asks each other one question, “how can I help?” He says, “the question of ‘how can I help you?’ catches people off guard. It prompts people to reflect on why they are there and how they can give back to the community…” It’s about what you can give, not what you can get from people. 


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