5 Social Media Trends for 2015

5 Social Media Trends for 2015

Marketing | Posted by YouInc.com - January 21, 2015 at 1:00 am

A recent study states that one quarter of the world’s population uses social media. This means that 1,730,000,000 people are posting, pinning, tweeting, vining and instagramming. Every 60 seconds 4.7 million posts are uploaded to Tumblr; 277,000 snaps are shared on Snapchat; and more than five million videos are viewed on YouTube.” – Jennifer Woerner, Emarsys

There’s no denying it – social media has become very much a part of our culture, and part of our everyday life.

So what are some big social media predictions and trends for the upcoming year? What will we be seeing more of? What can we expect?

1. Get used to paying for things from your NEW WALLET… Social Media!

New payment apps are popping up everywhere, such as Apple Pay, Stripe, Square, and well, we all know about the veteran PayPal. Even Facebook started a payment system that would allow Facebook users to not just make payments for goods over social media (hence the integration of a ‘buy’ button) but also send money to friends via direct debit. Heck, with apps like Uber, you can travel anywhere in any city without exchanging one dollar! You don’t even have to talk to the driver! With a few clicks, you get into a car, arrive at your destination and your driver has been paid. Welcome to the new currency. One thing is for certain; you will see more social networks trying to handle your payment transactions in 2015.

If you’re a brand, business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, think about how you can better cater to your mobile user – in both bringing an overall better mobile experience, and in advertising revenue.

2. You will see WAY MORE video marketing integration.

The regular commercial on TV isn’t going to cut it anymore. Brands and businesses are getting behind the in-studio cameras and uploading videos to authentically connect with their audience via YouTube, Instagram, Vine and more, and it will become an ever-growing trend. Even in my coaching practice, I encourage my blogging and business clients to get out from behind their computer screens, flip on their bloggie camera, and CONNECT AND ENGAGE with their audience in the video form. It brings the human element to marketing and business, and it makes good business sense. And while we’re talking about a more “visual” experience, we’ll also see a lot more photo based sharing marketing with sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

3. If you’re monetizing, you can’t ignore mobile in 2015.

I had been putting it off on our website WomenOnTheFence.com for a long time, but I finally got with the program! I recently revamped our website for a better mobile browsing experience, and I started monetizing our mobile users. And why not? Extra revenue! So why this new mobile monetization trend? It’s simple—that’s where the people are surfing. That’s where the users are. If you’re a brand, business, entrepreneur, solopreneur, think about how you can better cater to your mobile user – in both bringing an overall better mobile experience, and in advertising revenue.

4. Shopping from social platforms.

This is set to become a trend in 2015. I think we are going to start seeing more BUY buttons in tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook updates and more. It was Twitter who brought us the idea of a social BUY button, and I think it will be here to stay. It’s an excellent way for brands to increase their revenues.

5. We’ll see a decline in Google+.

Most social media experts are calling for a decline this year in Google+. While there are still a significant number of users on Google+, it will not likely be a big player in the social media space.  Internal changes at Google are being called the real reason for the decline prediction, but only time will tell.

I’d love to know, what are YOUR predictions for big social media trends in 2015? Please share below.

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