Advertising on the Cheap

Advertising on the Cheap

Marketing | Posted by - October 3, 2013 at 12:45 am

When you own a small business, it can be difficult to compete with the slick advertising campaigns of the bigger companies. So how do you get your message out there in a way that will reach your potential customers? While there are a lot of cheap ways to advertise, you need to ensure that the methods that you choose will be effective. Here are some affordable options.

Google Adwords. With Google Adwords, you select specific search terms and when Google users type your terms into the search engine, your advertisement appears. When used properly, Google Adwords is an effective method of advertising because it is specific, targeted, and you only pay when users click on your advertisement. Google also provides a multitude of tools to allow you to measure the success of your Adwords campaign.

Sponsoring a community event. While supporting the community is important, you need to be strategic about it. When sponsoring a community event, a good approach is to hand out vouchers for a free gift. That way, when customers retrieve their gift, you have actually brought them to your business and you are able to accurately measure the impact of this strategy.

Referral Programs. Referral programs are great because you only have to pay when you actually get a new customer. Word of mouth is an effective form of advertising and anything that you can do to encourage your customers to talk about your business will benefit you.

Social media. Achieving positive results with your social media campaign requires a clear strategy and a consistent effort. Many companies use social media to spread awareness of their products and to engage their customers. Offer promotions on social media that customers can’t get anywhere else. These promotions are a good way to measure your impact. It doesn’t really matter how many followers or connections you have on your social media sites. What you really need is to see how many customers your social media presence brings through the door.

While you do need to be more creative when you have a limited advertising budget, it doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage. An affordable advertising strategy can be just as, or even more effective than an expensive one. The key is to stay focused on your outcomes so that you can take immediate action if a strategy isn’t bringing you customers.

Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc.

Maria Locker - CEO Mompreneur

Mompreneur® Showcase Group the trusted national network that supports, educates, and empowers moms in business across Canada. With close to 20 satellite locations in Ontario, supportive networking groups are expanding to other provinces to connect business women everywhere from East to West. Highlights include over 10,000 members, presentation of the "Mompreneur® Award of Excellence" and the MOMpreneur® Magazine. Contact Head Office for further information on licensing or becoming a member.

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Mark Burdon
July 30, 2013 at 10:25 pm

Google AdWords is not for me however their Remarketing program is really cool in my mind. If you visit a site that is a member of their program you can surf off to do other curation and you'll notice that you see banner ads from a site you expressed an interest in. I found with AdWords I was getting more people calling me to sell me their services from India or sometimes Canada however with remarketing they have seen my Web site once and then they are reminded of it so it sticks with them. 

Faith Chipman
November 7, 2013 at 12:33 am
Great. I do all of it. Thanks for validation. I also joined a very active woman's small business association. The $100.00 membership and donations I;ve made to their various silent auction efforts at their functions have more than made back that original output many times over already. Word of mouth is so powerful where I do business. The social media efforts have become more strategized and consistent and I take advantage of the feature of scheduling posts-that's made social media advertising a 'can-do'.
Jesse Hutchinson
November 9, 2013 at 9:22 pm
Sponsoring a charity event is always the best way. You get publicity everywhere they do, make sure you get links to your website on their social media accounts and website. And you even get a tax break. I have done this for many clients!
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