Hard work and Devotion = Entrepreneurs

Hard work and Devotion = Entrepreneurs

Marketing | Posted by YouInc.com - January 8, 2013 at 7:11 pm

How many of us pulled all nighters as students to try and cram in as much last minute studying as possible? All that hard work and those late nights over many years are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, new expertise and a fancy diploma you can hang on your wall...then what?

You realize that it's time to put all of that knowledge and education to work. Let's say you have always had a great idea for a product or service that the world really needs. You decide that you will start a company and develop, create and then sell that product or service. Before you know it you are now pulling all nighters working on your company.

Then you realize that to chase your dreams and to get where you want to be it takes devotion, determination and an ability to function at a high level with very little sleep. Not many entrepreneurs sleep 8hrs a night. Most entrepreneurs go to bed at 3am and get up at 6am. Entrepreneurs don't worry about bed-head because they are not in bed long enough to get it. If anything they are concerned about keyboard face because they fall asleep working and keys imprint much faster than a pillow shapes your hair.

We are not saying you're not an entrepreneur if you sleep more than 3 hours a night but if you polled entrepreneurs you would likely find that most of them sleep closer to 3 hours a night then 8 because they have far too much to do to take that long a break.

Most entrepreneurs gave up a 40hr a week job (or never had one) so they could work an 80hr a week job that they love and they wouldn't trade it for the world!

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