How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

Marketing | Posted by - December 2, 2015 at 1:00 am

Yup, we’re going there today!

As an important component in your personal branding, sales and marketing strategy, you need to know your elevator pitch. COLD.


Because that is how I am going to remember you. That is how you are going to sell me on your brand, your website, your product, your service. That is how I’m going to remember what you do so that I can refer you future business. Because that is how you’re going to WOW me and make me want to know more…

It needs to be a compelling message, a memorable pitch that is going to make me want to buy what you’re selling.

What is an elevator pitch, anyway?

First… a secret you should know? This really isn’t about you—it’s about what you can do for your listener. Your elevator pitch isn’t a 20 sentence biography on your family, your dog and your website. It is a summary or overview of who exactly you are and what you do. Think MACRO, not MICRO.

It’s about selling your brand, your product, your service in a clear and concise way. And while you think it might be similar to your company’s mission statement, you must think ANIMATED, PERSONALITY, UNIQUENESS AND PIZZAZZ.

It’s about coming up with something memorable that your listener will remember long after they meet you.

"Hi, I'm Erica Diamond. I write a Women's Lifestyle blog called I've been in the women and business space for 20+ years and am considered an expert on all things entrepreneurship, lifestyle and balance."

This is a place to start, but I could definitely build mine up and work on my pizzazz.

But you catch the drift…

If you’re selling SOMETHING, ANYTHING, you need a pitch too.

Let’s look at an exercise I do with my clients when I help them build one.

Consider answering these questions for yourself when drafting your own.

Creating Your Pitch

Your USP – Unique Selling Proposition _______________
Your Audience _______________
Your Niche or Category _______________

My business/company/website/product/service is [what is it?] which offers [unique perspective] for [specific audience]

I also like how James Nudelman (The Noodle) brings it down to four clear steps in crafting your elevator pitch:

Step 1 – Begin with an ACTION PHRASE that is NOT a noun. ("I am a X” — but don’t use a “label” in the blank. You don’t want people to put you in a box.)

Step 2 – Add a one sentence statement about what you DO. ("I do Y” — What do you help people or businesses do?)

Step 3 – Give a statement of the SPECIFIC IMPACT. ("People who utilize my process find Z” — list one or two things from the perspective of your potential employer.)

Step 4 – End with a CALL TO ACTION. ("I am looking to be introduced to A” — be specific! If you ask for something non-specific you are likely to get it. What good is that?)

Your elevator pitch should be 30-60 seconds (think the length of an elevator ride!) Some other characteristics it should have:

THE 9 C'S – Concise, Clear, Compelling, Credible, Conceptual, Concrete, Customized, Consistent, Conversational. 

The most important thing about your pitch is that it be unforgettable. That YOU become unforgettable. That is the sign of a truly successful elevator pitch. You want people to walk away having been impacted by what you said, having been delighted by what you shared. You want people to remember you. And like you. Because studies show that we buy from who we LIKE and who we TRUST.

Make sure to always have those business cards handy after delivery, so that once they hear your pitch and want to buy what you’re selling (of course they do), they know how to reach you. No brainer, right?

Whether you’re selling your existing product or service, or pitching a new business idea to an angel investor, you want the perfect pitch. It takes a bit of time to nail, but once you do, it will lead to new opportunities.

I’d love to know, WHAT’S YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH? Leave it in a comment below! Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter too.

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Erica Diamond
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Kevin Sinclair
February 9, 2015 at 9:39 am
I love the way you have explained the elevator pitch, and techniques in writing one.
My elevator talk is shown below.

Hi, I am Kevin Sinclair. I own Intrigue Cambridge.
We help organizations get noticed and found in their community, in order to grow revenue and drive profits.
Typically, we work with people that are trying to find new, more cost effective ways to get into the marketplace, as well as people that want to keep a consistent message in their community, but find it expensive using traditional media.
But, I’m not sure if these issues relate to you, do they?