How Using Video And Webinars Can Help Your Business

How Using Video And Webinars Can Help Your Business

Marketing | Posted by - July 4, 2018 at 12:30 am

More and more in competitive environments, consumers are looking for personalized services. They also want to be informed buyers when it comes to important purchases. Using video, both real-time and recorded, is a way to reach your customers and to educate them by demonstrating your products and services. But what content should your videos contain, and what would be involved in producing and promoting them? How would you measure success?


When done creatively, videos can catch the eye of potential buyers. You can tell a story or solve a problem while showcasing the best features of your product, and how to properly use it.

In order to determine whether using video is worth the time and effort required, you'll need to develop a strategy that includes concrete objectives. What do you want to do with your video, and who is your target audience? You may have more than one. If your goal is to increase market share, for example, you'll want to showcase your competitive advantage. If you want to educate your customers, you may want to focus more on the function of your product itself, and even answer questions. The length and tone of your video/webinar may vary depending on the members of your audience and their knowledge of your offerings.

In order to measure success, look at items such as your sales, customer engagement, and visits to the website. You'll want to set targets for improvement after each video is launched or each webinar is held, and then you can compare the statistics to see which ones did better, over what period of time, for which audience, etc.

VIRTUAL FACE-TO-FACE (Webinars, Live video chat)

- Webinars are effective tools that you can use at every point during the sales process, whether it's attracting leads, maintaining loyalty, helping to close sales, or promoting new products or service launches.

- You can address customers (or potential customers) in a new way, demonstrating your offerings, and responding in real time to questions and concerns.

- In a competitive industry, you can set yourself apart and establish trust and credibility as the 'go-to' person or business.

- You can tailor webinars to different audiences (e.g. B2B ) and invite guest speakers to share their expertise, offering your clients even more information.

- Webinars allow you to gather data about your clients for follow-up, and you can address people all around the world.

- You can record your webinars, and your audience can access them after the fact.

VIDEOS (Pre-recorded)

- You can attract visitors to your site by promoting your videos elsewhere (e.g. on social media); this means they can be easily shared.

- Keep visitors engaged on your site longer by featuring different videos that explain and promote your offerings.

- Use your videos to simplify what can be a long/complex research process.

- Demonstrate the product and its use, either in shorter or longer tutorials.

- Target the videos to different audiences at different points in the purchase cycle.

Be sure to include calls-to-action in your video, and provide contact information or instructions on ordering. Follow up on any sales leads you get, and if your clients want more information, you can add them to your mailing lists.


After each video or webinar, you can look back at the goals you set to see whether you reached your targets. Use feedback to determine how you can improve your videos or demos, and what influence they might be having on your bottom line.

Adding a video component to your business will allow you to build your network, add creativity to your promotion, and hopefully increase customer loyalty by keeping your audience interested and engaged. You will also be giving your customers a variety of informative and ‘snackable' content (easy to digest) in what is often a very busy marketplace, which can only help you stand out from the crowd.

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