Marketing is Not Selling: 3 Key Elements to Consider

Marketing is Not Selling: 3 Key Elements to Consider

Marketing | Posted by - April 23, 2013 at 5:00 pm

There is a lot of confusion between marketing and selling. In some circles all marketing is good for at best is generating leads. This attitude fails to recognize that someone or some function should be responsible for 'satisfying needs profitably' – that's the most succinct definition of marketing I've seen. It implies that you understand:

  1. The needs that your market or audience has; what they are trying to achieve.
  2. The way in which you are uniquely positioned to satisfy those needs.
  3. The mechanism or process by which an exchange is made – value for value.

Marketing isn't responsible for identifying whether an individual (company) has the budget, authority, need and timing to close the deal – Sales is. Sales isn't responsible for defining the products and services you offer, communicate and promote – Marketing is.

Good marketing is soul searching.

Anthony Power is a marketing technologist with the goal of helping clients get their products in a prospect's consideration set. His current focus is on understanding how content works and impacts choice.

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April Hawkins
June 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm


We are owners of a ladies clothing store...13 years new! We have recently re-located to a larger store with an amazing vibe.  We are working on making our marketing strategy stronger.  One element of our business that's sets us apart is we remember what customers have purchased in the past and have had mini wardrobe consultations.  This is an area in which we plan on marketing question is how do we create a catchy tag line that sums it up?  Any suggestions. 

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