Simple Tips for Social Media Success: The basics on the most popular platforms

Simple Tips for Social Media Success: The basics on the most popular platforms

Marketing | Posted by - March 26, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Imagine yourself at a coffee shop or cocktail party, chatting and being social with others. Now do the same thing online & enter the world of social media. It's the conversation that you have across the different social media platforms that will drive traffic to your website and business.

Through the content, images and questions you share you'll demonstrate that you are the right person to your ideal client. Spark interest and engage in conversation. Sparingly post direct advertising back to your website. Talk to your ideal clients, others in your niche and businesses who are in synergy with yours. Always keeping in mind that your primary purpose must be to build engagement.

Getting Started:

  • Use a professional headshot across all platforms.
  • Keep your bio consistent and updated with key words that reflect your area of expertise.
  • On a daily basis look for new people to connect with who are in your niche or are your ideal client.

Simple Tips for Social Media Success Across Popular Platforms


  • Choose pictures that inspire emotions and tell a story
  • Caption "Pins" with keywords and hashtags
  • Include a "Pin It" button on your website and blog. Make it easy for others to pin your photos.
  • Sign up for a Pinterest business page or convert your personal Pinterest page to one.
  • Invite others to pin with you and build community.
  • Create boards that highlight the unique features of your business.
  • Pay attention to which of your pins are getting shared and use the information to create more of what's working!
  • Comment and repin other people's Pins


  • Post 2-3 times a day, throughout the day. Watch your business page's insights to learn when you have the most fan interaction.
  • Share images, questions, and content that has a call to action. Does what you post encourage others to respond?
  • Comment genuinely on other business pages utilizing your personal account.
  • Create a place where your fans will want to return to over and over again.


  • Characters count in twitter. You have 140 characters available; keep your tweets under 120 to allow for easy sharing of your content.
  • Choose a twitter handle that is easily spelled and not too long -it will count against your characters!
  • At least once a day, respond to all mentions of your name.
  • Label some of your tweets with hashtags # (e.g., #Mompreneurs), so other users can read tweets on the same topic. A great way to establish yourself as an expert!
  • Retweet and share content that your followers will find interesting each day.
  • Use an URL link shortener like the ones in HootSuite or to reduce the size of links and save some of your precious characters.
  • Find new people and businesses to follow each day.
  • Start at least one conversation with someone new each day.


  • Skip the generic, "I'd like to add you to my professional network" and take the time to write a personal note when requesting to add someone to your professional network.
  • Consider LinkedIn a living resume. Keep it fresh by updating it often to reflect any changes in your professional life.
  • On a weekly basis, endorse or write a thoughtful recommendation for someone in your professional network. Do it because you mean it and without expectation of receiving one back.
  • Include key words in your profile that you want to be found for.
  • Update your status daily by sharing content that interests those people you want to connect with.
  • Participate in groups that are relevant to your ideal client and industry by answering and asking questions.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed! Consider choosing one or two areas to focus on and do them well. Your choices should be dictated by where your ideal clients hang out!

By Sara Vartanian.

Sara Vartanian is the Online Editorial Manager for Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc. She is an eco-savvy entrepreneur at changeMatt educating moms to take baby steps to lead green lives, connector of mompreneurs in Toronto, and a mama to two gorgeous little boys.

Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc.
Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc. ( is the trusted national network that supports, educates, and empowers moms in business across Canada. With close to 20 satellite locations in Ontario, supportive networking groups are now expanding to other provinces in order to connect business women everywhere from East to West of the country. Company highlights include over 10,000 members, presentation of the "Mompreneur® Award of Excellence", and the re-launch of MOMpreneur® Magazine. Contact Head Office for further information on licensing or becoming a member:
Maria Locker
Founder & CEO, Mompreneur Showcase Group Inc

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Glen Miller
April 1, 2013 at 11:03 pm

Great article Sarah. Getting a proper grasp on all the social media options out there is absolutely overwhelming. I found this article to be insightful, precise and extremely informative. 

Jan Rankin
April 3, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Sadly, I have had my Twitter site "stolen" 3 times in the last few months so I don't even try there anymore.


Suzanne Blair
April 12, 2013 at 3:10 am

Thanks so much for this - it's exhausting trying to figure out if you are getting it right!!

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