The Genesis Question: Creating the guiding light

The Genesis Question: Creating the guiding light

Marketing | Posted by - March 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm

The decision to start a business often occurs when you recognize that an unmet need exists or there is an opportunity to exploit. While very much in evidence for technology or product related firms, the idea resonates with service businesses as well.

And out of necessity the investment of time and capital is often restricted to a single area of focus. Decisions often follow the cascade from "We could…" to "we should…." to finally the "we will…." Stage.

To understand what is at the core of a company's soul, it is useful to ask: "What problem did the founder work day and night to make go away?" or " What pissed you off so much that you were willing to face the risks?"

The answer to this question is the guiding light of a company's strategy. It is not unusual for a company to follow this path for several years and generations of products.

Be true to the original idea.

Anthony Power is a marketing technologist with the goal of helping clients get their products in a prospect's consideration set. His current focus is on understanding how content works and impacts choice.

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Frances Grabowski
March 26, 2013 at 12:41 pm

I created my Service business based on the concept of what I perceived as a "missing link" and the desperate need to find exceptional Project Management Services.  I use my company name ICL as the company mission statement to set our services apart from competitors; "Integrity" "Competence" "Loyalty". This keeps us true to our original idea but convincing potential clients that "outsourcing" services equates to value for money remains our challenge.