The New Venture – Leading the Entrepreneurial Movement

The New Venture – Leading the Entrepreneurial Movement

Marketing | Posted by - November 28, 2014 at 1:00 am

The founder of YouInc is at it again! Arlene Dickinson is shaking up the Canadian marketing industry by launching a game-changing strategy focused on entrepreneurial organizations.

For 30 years Dickinson has helped lead businesses to success. The marketing guru is doing it again by announcing her marketing firm, Venture, will focus on servicing entrepreneurs, companies selling to entrepreneurs and companies wanting to be more entrepreneurial. In effect, helping lead an entrepreneurial movement.

“Venture’s DNA is a reflection of who I am. We know what it means to run a business, to be independent and to have a vision for the future. We are not just another marketing firm, we understand implicitly the language of entrepreneurialism. I have written two bestselling books on the subject, our skilled technology team has developed a highly successful digital platform for helping entrepreneurs called YouInc, and we have helped, heard from and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through Dragons' Den and through Venture.

“Nobody is more qualified or able to work with entrepreneurial organizations than Venture is,” says Dickinson and, with 80% of the Canadian economy now being driven by a culture of entrepreneurialism, highlighting a major shift in Canada’s business landscape, the necessity for marketing services for an entrepreneurial nation has never been higher.

“It takes a certain kind of dedication, drive and single mindedness to be an entrepreneur. Venture gets that because we are of that tribe. We speak the same language, so we’re able to take what’s in their head and heart and translate it into business building marketing strategies and sales.”

Dickinson announced the bold pivot and new branding at her new Venture offices in Calgary, hosting “A Celebration of Entrepreneurs.”

Alongside the gala launch party in Calgary last night, Venture is championing a new manifesto that reflects the agency’s alignment with the entrepreneurial movement. Check out the landing page below. 

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