Three Hot Marketing Tips For 2019

Three Hot Marketing Tips For 2019

Marketing | Posted by - May 29, 2019 at 12:30 am

When you aren’t busy with the day-to-day running of your business, you’re probably trying to figure out the best way to spend your marketing dollars to keep customers coming. Choosing marketing strategies can be challenging, since they change from year to year and not every one will work for you. Here, experts weigh in on their best marketing bets for 2019: 

Matt Baglia, co-founder and CEO of SlickText, reports that based on a study done by his firm, consumers are nervous about their privacy and don’t trust brands, nor do they want aggressive sales tactics. “Because of that, brands have to find new ways to communicate with consumers in 2019 and win back their trust,” Baglia says.


Baglia sees more companies turning to texting as an option so long as their consumers can opt-in first. “It's not spammy anymore, it's helpful and most consumers indicate in research that they prefer to be contacted by text.”

He says that open and click through rates are much better with branded text messages. “People always have their phones on them [and] branded text messages are heavily regulated. In order for someone to be on your text list they need to have opted in.”

He’s convinced this will continue to be a major marketing effort in 2019 “as brands look for ways to develop genuine connections with consumers who are still wary of past data misuse.” 


Search engine optimization (SEO), the science of how to be sure consumers can find you in their searches, is undergoing a shift, says Kent Lewis, President and Founder of Anvil, a marketing firm in Portland, OR. The explosion of digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, which allow users to speak directly to their devices consumers, is changing the sorts of queries consumers are making. 

“Because of this variation in behavior, you will begin to see more long-tail keyword queries. This will allow you to create much more accurate and intelligent key phrase strategies, since more granular data will be available around consumer behavior,” Lewis says. 

“Done well, optimizing for voice search will generate additional traffic and sales for ecommerce brands willing to invest the time."

Consumers want instant feedback from companies, whether that’s a person or a virtual chatbot. Jimmy Rodriguez, COO of 3dcart, which makes ecommerce software for SEO, says the best marketing tactic you can employ in 2019 is a chatbot for your advertising campaigns and for your website. 

“Currently, the chatbots are working insanely great…and are converting at an unprecedented rate. Because it’s so new, customers are responding to it really well because they aren’t accustomed to it," Rodriguez says.

However, he warns that like any new marketing tactic, those engagement numbers will diminish once everyone starts doing it, so the time to strike is now. 

“The conversational approach makes it really appealing to web shoppers and takes them into the sales process before they realize what is happening,” Rodriguez says. “It’s by far the newest, most useful, and yet most underrated marketing tactic today.”

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Jordan Rosenfeld

Jordan is a freelance writer and author of eight books--six writing guides and two novels--most recently: How to Write a Page Turner (Writer's Digest Books). Her articles and essays have appeared in such publications as The Atlantic, Daily Worth, The New York Times, Quartz, Scientific American, The Washington Post and many more. Follow her: @JordanRosenfeld on twitter, or visit:

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