How To Stay Motivated During The Summer

How To Stay Motivated During The Summer

Operations | Posted by - July 11, 2018 at 1:00 am

With the summer months in full swing, it can be hard for entrepreneurs to stay motivated. The weather is nice, days are longer, and it’s common knowledge that for many businesses there’s a slump in the summer months.

There may be other things you’d like to do this summer, but don’t neglect your business. Here are a few ways to keep your energy up and maintain good work spirit during the summer:

Work summer hours

A good way to keep yourself and your employees engaged is to opt for summer hours. Maybe that means working until 3 PM on Fridays to enjoy a longer weekend. Or try extending work hours during the week, and taking Friday off. Either way, a little extra free time goes a long way and will keep your team motivated. 

Take a break outdoors

On beautiful days, take a break from your hectic work schedule to step outside. Take a walk around the block, eat your lunch at a picnic table, or go for an afternoon run. You can even try to schedule walking meetings. Don’t let the beautiful weather pass you by, especially if your business has you inside most of the day.

Maximize your free time

When you do have free time, make sure you spend it wisely. Don’t stick to your routine; go somewhere new. You don’t need to travel far to feel like you’re on vacation. Take a look at the destinations near your city that are within driving distance. You’d be surprised at how many places you can see. Don't feel like driving? Pick up that book you've been meaning to read all winter, or schedule a BBQ with friends. 

Summer promotions

Your customers may be less inclined to focus on your business during the summer. People are getting away, spending money on vacations, and distracted by other things. Spice things up by creating a few summer promotions. Sidewalk sales, contests, and social media campaigns are a great way to engage your customers.

Learn something new

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never found the time to do it? Whether it’s taking a class, picking up a new hobby, or trying a new sport, take some time and do it now. 

The summer will fly by before you know it, so take advantage of the warmer weather while you still can.

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