New employees: Setting the stage for success

New employees: Setting the stage for success

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There's no better way to establish a successful and productive relationship with a new employee than with a positive — and informative — onboarding experience. The first few days on the job create a lasting impression, so it's important that new employees feel welcomed and prepared for their new role within your business.

These tips can help you set new employees up for success:

Offer a comprehensive orientation

An orientation should answer the basic questions your new employee has about their job. During the orientation, it's important to:

  • Introduce your new employee to other team members
  • Provide a clear job description
  • Outline policies and procedures (health and safety, commitment to equality, and so on)
  • Finalize any necessary paperwork

Provide a mentor

Providing a mentor — either short-term or long-term — is one of the best ways supporting and integrating new employees. A mentor can:

  • Share your business' culture
  • Pass on skills, expertise, and best practices
  • Offer advice and encouragement

Let them get their feet wet

Give new employees some simple and attainable goals — a couple of assignments to complete within the first weeks of employment can help new employees build skills and confidence. A good first project will:

  • Be measurable and achievable
  • Be related to the employee's job description
  • Allow the employee to display job-related skills
  • Be challenging, but not so difficult that it is discouraging

You will also need to make sure that new hires have the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their responsibilities. Check out our blog post All aboard the train to success! for information on creating an effective employee training plan.

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