Highly Effective Time Management Tools

Highly Effective Time Management Tools

Operations | Posted by YouInc.com - August 30, 2016 at 1:00 am

There are only twenty-four hours in each day. We all have the same amount of time, but why is it that some people are able to achieve so much, while others are always left scrambling? You need to approach your time in the same way that you approach your business strategically. If you are mindful and deliberate about how you allocate your time, you will be able to achieve more. Here are two reasons that you need to make time management a priority:

You might be working too hard. Just because you are working hard, doesn’t mean that you are productive. The reality is that you might be wearing yourself out while focusing on the wrong tasks. Sometimes by slightly shifting your focus, you are able to accomplish a lot more while doing a lot less.

You will be less stressed. We all have stress in our lives, but if you aren’t managing your time effectively, then you probably have more than you should. Stress makes us sick, irritable, and it gives us wrinkles. Life is so much more pleasant when we’re feeling relaxed.

Here are some tools that can help you manage your time more effectively:

Rescue Time. Rescue Time helps you identify and understand where you are spending your time so that you change your habits to increase your productivity. This program will track how much time you spend on different applications and websites and will provide you with detailed reports that help you answer the question, ‘What did I do today?’

Evernote. Evernote is an app that can help you manage every aspect of your business and your life. If you have little slips of paper such as to-do lists, dry cleaning slips, receipts, and other notes, you can take a picture of them, drop them into Evernote and you will be able to access them from any of your devices. This app saves you from wasting time looking for things that you’ve lost, and it allows you to get more organized.

Email Management Tools. Email wastes more of our time than any other activity. How many times have you been working on a task, heard the little ping that alerts you that you have a new message, and then allowed that email to carry you off on a completely different priority? Do some research and determine what types of email management tools are offered by your email provider. It’s also worth it to complete some of the tutorials that will help you learn how to use these tools. If you don’t manage your email, it will manage you!

Dropbox. Dropbox allows you to easily store all of your files including documents, photos, and videos. It is a free tool that lets you share your files and access them remotely. It can be a time saver when you are working with a team, or when you are working from various locations.

When you aren’t frantically scampering from place to place, you are better at running your business. You are more creative, you make better connections, and you make fewer mistakes. More importantly, when you have space to breathe, you are in a better position to see the bigger picture and to identify opportunities for your business. 

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