5 Tips to Conquer the Communication Gap

5 Tips to Conquer the Communication Gap

Social Studies | Posted by YouInc.com - January 30, 2014 at 12:00 am

Have you ever stopped to think about your communication style and the impact it has on you and your personal brand?

We often run on autopilot, falling into conversational habits. Many times we are not even tuned in to the words we are using and how the message is being received. We get more focused on getting our message out and being heard than really making a connection and creating an experience for the other person.

Your personal brand is all about the experience and how others feel about you. People walk away with a feeling about you based on various elements: your energy, your attitude, your body language, how you are delivering your message, how open you are, and the words you use.

Do you declare that you are an innovative problem solver, but point out all the problems when you are working on a project? You think you are doing a good job and being helpful, but your colleagues talk about how negative you are.

Are you generous with compliments, but the talk around the office is that you’re insincere?

Or are you the type of person that agrees to listen when somebody walks into your office to share an idea, but before they even finish, you let them know that you have done something similar before and it won’t work? You feel good about taking the time to listen, but the other person doesn’t feel heard.

How can there be such a big gap in perceptions? How can one go about addressing these discrepancies and recalibrate to make the impression that aligns with their brand and how they want to be known?

Here are 5 tips that will help close the gap:

  1. Start with being clear about your brand image and how you want to be perceived. Choose four to six words that describe how you want to be known. Act accordingly.

  2. Consider your audience and their needs. Check in to learn the objectives of any project and use a positive approach. Definitely address the issues, but also be sure to offer potential solutions.

  3. Be fully present with the people to whom you are speaking. Eliminate distractions and be respectful.

  4. Ask questions and engage. “Did I answer your questions?” “It has been attempted before, so walk me through what will be different?”.

  5. Don’t say things to be nice. Say things because you mean them. People know the difference.

It is important to keep in mind that when you are communicating it's a two way street and it isn't all about you. It's knowing who you are and making a meaningful connection. 

I invite you to share your tips in making meaningful connections through conversation.

* * *

Based on these 5 tips, how would you define your personal brand? Click here to share your thoughts.

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Dorothy Lazovik
Dorothy Lazovik works with leaders to break out of who they think they should be and excel at being themselves. She believes we all have control of who we are and we are given the opportunity to choose in every moment of every day who that is. As a personal brand success strategist, she teaches leaders the most direct path to developing an authentic brand that leverages their natural talents by providing strategies to accelerate their success. To learn more about Dorothy go to www.authenticleadersedge.com.
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