Are You Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Are You Ready for Your Next Adventure?

Social Studies | Posted by - October 21, 2014 at 1:00 am

When you become a mother, your career takes on a whole different meaning. In addition to providing you with the income that you need to support your family, it can be an escape from changing diapers, making lunches, and doing laundry. Many mothers become frustrated because their career or business stagnates while they are focusing on the needs of their family. When the chance to make a big move comes along, it can be almost impossible to resist. If you are contemplating an exciting opportunity, here are some questions to guide you in your decision:

How will it impact your family’s daily life? As a mother, you are the anchor of your family, so when you make a change, it affects everyone. Close your eyes and imagine a typical day for your family if you were to seize this opportunity. What would your mornings look like? Would you need to make any changes to your childcare arrangements? What would your availability be like in the evening? It is important that you get a sense of how much this change will disrupt your family’s daily life so that you can factor it into your decision and arrange for the necessary supports.

Keep in mind that your children will benefit from having a mother who is happy and fulfilled in her work.

Is this something that you really want? Look deep within yourself. Is this opportunity important to you? Will it bring you closer to achieving your professional goals? Mothers have a tendency to put everything but their family on the back burner, but keep in mind that your children will benefit from having a mother who is happy and fulfilled in her work.

Have you rationally weighed the pros and cons? Creating a pros and cons list is a useful exercise because it downplays the emotions of the situation and forces you to be rational. Review your list and try to determine whether or not this move makes sense. Don’t feel pressured; if this particular opportunity doesn’t work for you, another one will.

Have you anticipated potential challenges? You have probably already identified challenges that may arise if you were to seize this opportunity. Take some time to make a list of any potential problems and create a plan for how you would handle each one. These challenges are a lot easier to address if you already have a plan in place.

As a mother, you are constantly encouraging your children to reach for their goals. Think of the positive example that you set by following your own advice. There is no doubt that you are a devoted mother, but part of taking care of your children is being the amazing person that you were meant to be. 

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