Arlene's Productivity Packed A-List

Arlene's Productivity Packed A-List

Social Studies | Posted by - September 29, 2014 at 1:00 am

To us, September always feels like the start of a new year, which is why this month YouInc presents a carefully curated list of must-haves to revitalize your workday and keep you on your toes.



For the connected 

So much more than a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the latest and greatest technology, a sleek look, and the features you need to do business and connect with friends. Stay tuned next month for this highly anticipated release.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, available in October




For the all-in-one

Forget your laptop. The Surface Pro 3 is capable of running virtually all your Windows software. Get the portability of a tablet with the power of a laptop when you need it.

MicrosoftSurface Pro 3, starting at $849




For the super charged 

This simple, rugged solar charger keeps your USB powered gadgets running no matter where you are. 

MECSolio Bolt Solar Charger, $65




For the top performer

A healthy workplace helps attract and retain staff. Excellence Canada improves organizational performance and helps recognize excellence within Canadian companies and non-profits. 

Excellence Canada




For the constantly curious​

Challenge yourself to learn outside your scope. Perimeter Institute, a leading centre for scientific research, shares the excitement and wonder of science with you. 

Perimeter Institute




For the hassle free

Now you can pay for parking with your phone. Just tap, pay and go. Is your meeting running late? No problem, top up your time from anywhere. 

Honk Mobile




For the modern day

We know you love to take notes. Well now you can on your tablet instead of paper. The Pinpoint
Stylus from The Joy Factory is the perfect
companion to any touchscreen tablet.

The Joy FactoryPinpoint Precision Stylus, $49.95



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