De-Stress Your Summer Holidays

De-Stress Your Summer Holidays

Social Studies | Posted by - August 7, 2014 at 12:30 am

When you run a business, getting ready for a holiday can be so stressful that you need another vacation after it’s over. However, if you plan carefully, you will be able to truly relax knowing that your business will take care of itself. Here are some tips that will help you get so prepared for your vacation that your only problem will be deciding which colour umbrella to get in your drink.

Pick the right time. For entrepreneurs there is never a good time to step away from the business, but some weeks are worse than others. If you choose a time when you tend to be busy, you are just inviting stress into your life. Do your best to select a quiet week and handle any surprises as they arise.

There is a special kind of peace that comes to entrepreneurs when they realize that they can step away for a week and business continues uninterrupted.

Delegate important tasks. Before you leave, make a plan to cover off all important tasks. Make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them and what they should do if there is a problem. It might be a good idea to let your employees take over the tasks before you go so that you are available to answer their questions.

Handle major issues before you leave. Nothing ruins a vacation like having something hanging over your head. Try to anticipate any big problems and address them before you leave. Create a list if it helps, and revel in crossing everything off your “to-do” list BEFORE you venture out for your vacation.

Communicate to your customers. Most customers hate surprises. If they need you for some reason and suddenly find that you’re not available, you can rest assured that they won’t be happy. Let them know ahead of time when you are leaving, when you will be back and who they can contact if they have a problem.

Make your holiday a priority. Holidays are more than just fun. It is important to your physical and mental health that you give yourself a rest every once in a while. Schedule yourself a holiday and plan everything else around it. While you are on holiday, honour your rest time by keeping your laptop closed and your phone off. Even doing a small amount of work will make it difficult for you to completely relax.

There is a special kind of peace that comes to entrepreneurs when they realize that they can step away for a week and business continues uninterrupted. Your goal as a people leader should be to have systems in place and staff effectively trained to the point that they are able to run the business without your constant oversight. Taking a holiday at least once a year helps your staff to develop that initiative and gives you a much needed break.

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