Do-or-Die Communications!

Do-or-Die Communications!

Social Studies | Posted by - March 12, 2014 at 12:30 am

Well now, that's quite a bold title for a new series isn't it? But there's actually reason for it beyond grabbing your attention. And it's a reason that gets lost in the fury of day-to-day activities that are part of running a company: To be a truly successful entrepreneur, you need to communicate in ways that capture the minds and the hearts of your teams.  Without doing so, your company will wither and die.

I'm not talking about adopting some vague or feel-good approach to leading and managing your company. Do-or-Die Communications are those actions that you, as an entrepreneur, must take to keep your team members committed to a shared vision and focused on what's really important to make sure your company grows and stays great. 

Now, at this point, one or more of the following thoughts may be running through your mind:

Do you truly believe that every member of your team needs to be in alignment for your business to reach the heights that you know that it can?

Or, you feel that your team is too small to require any special attention... so, you conclude, "I don't really need to devote any time, energy, or resources to managing internal communications."

Believe me, I've heard that from dozens of bright, passionate entrepreneurs who lead small and large companies. That response stems from what they typically think of when they think about internal communications, such as:

  • Intranets and Sharepoint
  • Speaking in front of your entire team
  • Sharing bad news
  • Devoting time away from "more important" relationships and activities
  • "Pushing" messages via email to team members who aren't interested

In truth, these are a mix of communication technologies as well as issues that make effective communications within your company an ongoing challenge. But these things in and of themselves are not our focus in this series.

The Do-or-Die Communications series provides you with advice to help you inform, inspire, engage, and align your team so that your business --- which relies on your team's commitment, enthusiasm, and buy-in --- will be more successful.

So, here's my commitment to you as the author of the Do-or-Die Communications series:

  • All advice will be based on experience and research -- it will not be unfounded opinions
  • All articles will have specific "actionable" tasks that you can try on for size
  • All case studies will be based on small/mid-sized companies (i.e. not greater than 50 people)
  • All insights will be genuine (i.e. not ploys disguised to convince you to purchase something)
  • All content will have one purpose: To help you and your company become more successful

Let me leave you with this question which is central to Do-or-Die Communications:

Do you truly believe that every member of your team needs to be in alignment for your business to reach the heights that you know that it can?

If you answered "Yes", Do-or-Die Communications will be worthwhile for you and I look forward to the lively discussions that we will share.

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Andrew Brown
Andrew Z. Brown helps entrepreneurs take the world by storm! For over 20 years, he has rolled out programs that harness the power of internal communications to keep team members committed to a shared vision and focused on what's really important to grow great companies.
Faith Chipman
March 14, 2014 at 10:37 pm
They would have to share my core values that I bring to my work, team-building and commitment to excellence.
On any specific project, it's fine if they don't like the approach or trajectory or even the scope of any project, but I still expect them to use their core values I selected them for, strong work ethic and commitment to teamwork, inititative and their 'step up to the bat' attitude to complete it as if they agreed wholeheartedly.

Kim Wessel
March 17, 2014 at 8:36 pm
I am very excited to hear your advice and insights. I am willing to take anything that you show me that can benefit my business into growing into what I know that it can be. Communication is the backbone of any relationship, whether familial or business and everyone can benefit from learning something new.
Andrew Brown
March 17, 2014 at 9:28 pm
Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and and offline!

It's great to hear that so many business owners/leaders have a real thirst for better leveraging communications to enrich, engage, and align their teams.

I'll be posting articles every two weeks here on YouInc (the next should go live on March 24). Of course, I welcome any and all feedback before, during, and after any post.

Andrew Brown
March 19, 2014 at 10:46 pm
March 19th Quick update: The next article in the The "Do-or-Die Communications!" series will be posted in the latter part of the week of March 31st.

In "Sink or Swim: Getting Your New Team Members On Board", I'll outline 5 actions that you can take to ensure that you have an "on boarding" process that effectively captures the hearts and minds of every new team member.

I look forward to hearing your insights.
Andrew Z. Brown
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