Facebook for Entrepreneurs 101: Making it Work

Facebook for Entrepreneurs 101: Making it Work

Social Studies | Posted by YouInc.com - March 17, 2014 at 1:05 am

Once you’ve taken that step to create a page for your business, think about how you want your brand represented on Facebook to both existing and potential audience members. Creating and having a Facebook page will require management, along with a few other key items as part of the set up.

Profile and Cover Photo:

Select a profile and cover photo that uniquely, but accurately represents your page and brand, and that does not infringe on anyone else’s copyright. Feel free to test a few versions of your cover photo, and consider your audience’s reaction to your selections.


Create a username. This username will be your unique web address to your page that you should use to direct potential customers to. You can do that here. Put some thought into your username, as they are not transferable and you can only assign it once.

Content and Management:

The key to this component of page management is creating page posts that are timely, relevant and interesting to your customers; features such as scheduled posts and geographical targeting can aid in these efforts.

  1. Keep texts short: People have quite a bit of content to consume in their Newsfeeds daily – any text posts, should not require more than a few seconds to absorb. The ideal number of characters should fall under 250 characters to make consumption quick and simple.
  2. Use engaging photos and video: Photos and videos are eye-catching and easy to consume in the newsfeed. Photos are also universal if you have a global audience. Keeping the point above in mind, any accompanying text should be kept succinct.
  3. Establish a consistent voice: Personality is important, and having a regular voice and tone that resonates with fans can be as important as the content itself. Whatever voice you choose to communicate with, make sure to keep that consistent in all your posts. This applies to the kinds of images you use; consider the style and type of photo or video content.
  4. Be timely and relevant: Your audience is far more likely to engage with topics that are already top of mind, such as holidays, current events, and news that is relevant to your business.
  5. Engage your audience: Engage your audience in conversation to show you value their opinions. Ask questions, and request feedback for new services and products.
  6. Be responsive – Remember that your page is an extension of your business, and regardless of negative or positive messages left on your page’s timeline be responsive. This is your chance to help shape the conversation on your page.
  7. Schedule your posts - When creating content for your page, test to decide how often to post based on your audience’s response. Make that post count, and do not post for the sake of posting.
  8. Be authentic – Represent and convey your brand through an authentic voice and content. Share what you genuinely care about and your audience will follow suit.
  9. Review post performance - Do what works based on results in insights – Study the insights to get a read on how your audience is responding to your content.
  10. Boost posts to reach audience outside of the immediate initial reach – Boosting select posts to ensure it reaches more people. When they engage by liking, sharing or commenting on your posts, these will make those posts more eligible to show up in their friends’ newsfeed

Next week, in the 3rd and final part of this series, we’ll about reaching a desirable audience, why that’s important and more importantly how to reach them, including promotion, targeting and optimizing.

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Serene Thio
Serene Thio is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Her previous four years were spent at Facebook, helping to manage brands and their marketing efforts, focusing on strategy and page management.