It's not just Business, it's Personal

It's not just Business, it's Personal

Social Studies | Posted by - March 10, 2014 at 12:30 am

A great lie of the professional world, we believe, is the saying “it's not personal, it’s business.” Who could have come up with this? Given that business is conducted by people, of course our personalities, feelings, hang-ups and insecurities come into play. Even though what makes us human is what makes us great in business, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

In our advisory work we help business owners create strategic plans for success. Often that work involves helping clients move beyond their own hang-ups so they can get the job done. Sometimes the hang up is about a fear of failure, but also often a fear of success. (Most entrepreneurs crave control and big changes can shake the foundations of that sense of control.) Sometimes our hang up is about imposter theory, or just a sense that we are not up to the task at hand.

Entrepreneurship is deeply personal.

And sometimes in business people's feelings get hurt and it skews the thinking of even the most rational entrepreneurs. In a recent client scenario, an entrepreneur was hanging on tightly and irrationally to a crumbling partnership, because the feeling of rejection was painful. We also know someone who spent five years trying to even the score with another entrepreneur who had wronged her in business. We'd be willing to bet that every single entrepreneur has let their own feelings get in the way of the best decision for the business at least once.

Entrepreneurship is deeply personal. Whether by design or by necessity, you have chosen entrepreneurship for personal reasons, and you will have to navigate your feelings at work on a daily basis. So, in a quiet moment, ask yourself if you're getting in your own way. You probably won't even have to think too hard to see a way you can let go of your own feelings and just focus objectively on the business problem or opportunity. It'll be good for business and it will probably be good for you too.

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