Spring Cleaning for Mompreneurs

Spring Cleaning for Mompreneurs

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Along with the budding trees and warm sunshine, spring brings us the opportunity for a fresh start. In addition to washing windows and dusting behind the bookshelf, this is the perfect time of year to eliminate clutter and tackle tasks that you usually avoid. Here are some tips to guide you in your spring cleaning this year:

Revisit your business plan. Your business plan is not supposed to be collecting dust. It should be a constantly evolving document that keeps your activities aligned with your business goals. If your business plan does not provide an accurate picture of your company, you need to either change your strategy or adapt your business plan to the current environment.

Your business plan is not supposed to be collecting dust.

Do a family check-up. Check in with each member of your family. How is everyone doing? Is there something that requires your attention? Has your spouse seemed tired and irritable lately? Is your son having problems with his friends at school? When we’re busy with other things, we sometimes allow family problems to linger; now is a good time to address them.

Touch base with your customers. Talk to your customers and ask for their feedback. Are they happy with the service that your company has been providing? Is there anything that you could be doing better? Soliciting feedback from your customers demonstrates your commitment to them and it provides you with valuable information that can help you improve your business.

Organize your e-mail inbox. If you are like most entrepreneurs, your e-mail inbox is a nightmare. You have hundreds or even thousands of e-mails and you have important messages intermixed with spam. Finding a particular message is a frustrating and time consuming process. You need to take control of your inbox. Delete any e-mails that you don’t need and put any e-mails that you want to keep for reference into a separate folder. Reserve your inbox for recent e-mails that demand your immediate attention.

Schedule dates with each member of your family. When you’re busy running a business, your family time is often sacrificed. Instead of proclaiming that you will make your family a priority, take some time right now to hang out with them. You can go for a walk together, take your children out for ice cream, or have a romantic night out with your spouse. Spending time together can help you to reconnect after a hectic winter.
The weather is getting warmer and we are (hopefully) done with the snow. Before long, we’ll all be getting suntans while sipping umbrella drinks in our backyards. Try to use this new season as an excuse to make necessary changes in your business and at home. If you work hard at your spring cleaning, your summer may be more profitable and enjoyable than you ever anticipated.

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