Top 5 Answers from Ask an Expert: Public Speaking Spotlight

Top 5 Answers from Ask an Expert: Public Speaking Spotlight

Social Studies | Posted by - September 2, 2014 at 1:00 am

Our first Ask An Expert Spotlight series on public speaking with professional speaker, Amber Mac, is a wrap. Thanks to all of you for submitting your questions! Amber provided personalized video responses for our members’ pressing questions about public speaking. Here are our five favourite questions and answers: 

  1. How do you alleviate that gut gripping fear when faced with a room full of people? I did my first presentation last year, I was so nervous my whole body shook and I raced through the presentation. As a Professional Organizer I want to appear calm and in control, but public speaking is my number one fear. 
  2. What "tricks" do/did YOU use to overcome a fear of speaking in public? 
  3. Can you provide me 3 tips on delivering a great pitch? 
  4. Do you find it challenging to be a female speaker in a male dominated “speaking industry”?
  5. What would be your top three dos and don'ts when starting a public speaking engagement? 

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