Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take  Weekends Seriously

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Weekends Seriously

Social Studies | Posted by - August 4, 2014 at 1:00 am

Here at YouInc, we know full well that most of us resist taking even one day off – there’s just too much to do, too little time, etc. But every so often society imposes a well-earned break, today’s civic holiday being a case in point.

We thought to mark the occasion by spotlighting a few destinations that actually help optimize your ability to get things done – opportunities you can take advantage of during the four remaining weekends during this final month of summer.

But don’t worry: to your significant other, it will appear that the two of you are simply off on a fun-filled vacation (only you need know that it’s all part of a master plan for world domination).

Here are our top 5 things to work on under the guise of summer relaxation – and some enticing destinations – that can help you out.

1. Try to Loosen Up

Many of the world’s top performers and athletes report that they do their very best work when feeling calm and relaxed. It would stand to reason that the same dynamic would work for entrepreneurs as well, no? And that’s precisely where the Moulin Wakefield Mill Hotel and Spa comes in. Nestled amid 36 hectares of natural splendour, it’s the perfect place for hard-driving self-made men and women to unwind on secluded terraces overlooking the MacLaren Falls. The Greek scholar Archimedes had his “eureka moment” when slipping into a warm bath, but surely a hot tub would suffice for the busy entrepreneur.

2. Explore Your Creative Side

It’s no secret that successful business leaders spend much of their time focusing on creative breakthroughs that will carry their businesses to the next level. But rather than sit idly by hoping for creative breakthroughs to materialize out of thin air, why not get a bit proactive? The Art Gallery of Ontario offers an extensive program of Summer Art Classes that run through to the end of August.

3. Think of Your Body as a Temple

High-achieving entrepreneurs need to stay energized over the course of the long days, weeks and months that form their demanding schedules. And that sort of momentum is hard to generate from a sedentary lifestyle. When you’re in Vancouver, Trevor Linden is the man to see. The former NHL star – and current President of the Vancouver Canucks – owns a string of B.C.-based fitness clubs called Club 16, built on health and wellness lessons that Linden learned during 19 rough-and-tumble seasons in the big leagues.

4. Create a Recipe for Success

In order to assemble a successful company, an entrepreneur needs to have the discerning eye of a master chef. After all, marketing, operations, human resources, and other business categories are merely ingredients that need to be mixed (and, yes, heated) until the desirable result is achieved. And in order to cultivate such skills, one need look no farther than dish cooking studio in Toronto, an establishment that bills itself as, “a one-stop culinary destination: a cooking school, café with prepared foods, gourmet retail store, catering company and private/corporate event space all centered around food, fun, and engaging and interactive culinary experiences.” In other words, the perfect training ground for entrepreneurs looking to sharpen their mixing and matching instincts.

5. Keep Your Third Eye on the Ball

Do you think that ideas concerning “authentic expression” and “transformative change” would be of vital interest to entrepreneurs? We think so. And it’s also why we think that a weekend or even week-long retreat to the Clear Sky Center 30 minutes from beautiful Cranbrook B.C. might just be one of the best things that you could do for your business. And if you happen to feel a touch of illumination along the way, so much the better.

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