Top Stressors for Mompreneurs

Top Stressors for Mompreneurs

Social Studies | Posted by - September 9, 2014 at 12:30 am

Being both a mother and an entrepreneur is difficult. You have to work hard, you have to be strong, and some days you will feel like giving up. However, nothing will give you more pleasure than watching both your children and your business grow. Here are some of the obstacles that you can expect to face on your path and tips to help you address them:

 “I don’t have enough time.” The reality is that we all have 24 hours each day but we differ in how we spend them. Balancing your children and your business is not easy, but the key is to carefully manage both your time and your expectations. Are you trying to do too much? Take a step back and see if you can do things more efficiently. Make peace with the fact that you might not be at the stage in your life where you have time to make homemade spaghetti sauce. Don’t worry – your kids probably won’t even notice the difference.

Nothing will give you more pleasure than watching both your children and your business grow.

 “I’m not doing a good enough job.” Self-doubt can be completely debilitating and if you make a habit of it, you need to correct this behaviour. As both a mother and an entrepreneur, there are always new problems to solve. The truth is that everyone is just winging it. It is not productive to constantly beat yourself up. Do your best and see if you can find any meditations or affirmations that help you when you feel self-doubt creeping in.

 “I don’t have enough money.” When you start your own business, you give up the security of a steady pay cheque for the hope of something better. This is a difficult trade off, particularly when you have children. There are no easy answers here. However, if you get organized it will be much easier for you to successfully manage your money.

 “My competition is beating me.” Don’t waste time worrying about what your competition is doing. Just make your own plan and stay focused on it. Remember, you can only affect what you do.

“I’m afraid that my business will fail.” It might. Most do. The path that you have chosen is not for the faint of heart. Do everything that you can to make your business successful, but if it does fail then learn from it and move on.

Think of the obstacles that you face on your journey as stones on your path. Some are merely pebbles that get stuck in your shoe, while others are boulders that you have to climb over. They can be frustrating and difficult to deal with but if you refuse to let them deter you, you will quickly leave them behind. 

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