YouInc's Best of Video Profiles 2014

YouInc's Best of Video Profiles 2014

Social Studies | Posted by - December 26, 2014 at 1:00 am

We’ve had the privilege of meeting some truly fascinating entrepreneurs this year. Every one of them has a story to tell, and we plan to hear many more in 2015. 

Game Changer Profiles: Vikram Vij, Entrepreneur and Culinary Expert

Our first place video profile goes to our interview with Vikram Vij – Dragon, chef, entrepreneur, culinary visionary. Watch as he shares his favourite stories and opens up about his business philosophies.

Game Changer Profiles: Amber MacArthur, President, Konnekt

Our first place video profile runner up stars Amber Mac, celebrated speaker, author, media personality and social media expert. In this interview she talks about balancing multiple gigs, running a marathon, her role models, and what she enjoys the most about being an entrepreneur.

Game Changer Profiles: David Patchell-Evans, CEO & Founder, GoodLife Fitness

Our second runner up goes to our video profile of David Patchell-Evans. In this truly inspirational interview he talks about bouncing back from a motorcycle accident, lessons learned through caring for his daughter, and the undeniable importance of living a healthy lifestyle. 

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