The Canadian statistic that should jump out of this gamification infographic

The Canadian statistic that should jump out of this gamification infographic

Technology | Posted by - January 24, 2014 at 12:00 am

Gamification is still a young enough concept that a lot of business people may still have difficulty wrapping their head around what it is, what it could mean for their organization, and whether it’s a long-term strategy or a passing fad. In other words, they need to see the big picture. With that in mind, a marketing consulting firm called Demand Metric has created that big picture.

In ‘The Business of Gamification,” Demand Metric offers an illustrated look at the history of the concept so far, which could prove highly useful for anyone trying to make the business case to their firm about a project involving gaming for non-game activities. For most senior executives, though, what will matter are results, and although Demand Metric is based in the U.S., it has compiled data from all kinds of sources and geographies.

Look about half-way down the infographic below to see mentions of what companies are achieving with gamification. Sandwiched between AutoDesk and Deloitte, the infographic says Bell Media increased customer retention by 33 percent.

That statistic should be the kind of number that prompts questions about what it really represents, and, more importantly, how Bell Media did it. For those details, check out the case study on some work Bell Media did with gamification firm Badgeville here. And in the meantime, consider using other data points in this infographic to jump-start a gamification conversation of your own.

The Business of Gamification Infographic Powered by Demand Metric

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