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Posted by Kathryn Boese on 2017-01-14 23:02:00
Title: Business Coach
Category: Marketing

What resources do I use to start the process of finding a valued business coach?


Fix My Biz
2017-01-18 10:44:00

This is a great question, because finding yourself a valued business coach is like getting a personal trainer or a therapist: It has to be the right fit. 

We recommend three ways to go about finding yourself the right business coach:

1. Word of mouth. Find businesses that are similar to yours in terms of scope and scale and ask those business owners if they use coaches. If you seek out businesses like yours, chances are that they employ resources similar to what you need. We recommend asking your business friends what kinds of things theyve worked on with their coaches and how theyve benefitted from the experience.

2. Comparison shop. Because fit is so important, we recommend that you speak to three coaches before you decide on the one who is best for you. Any coach will give you a free consult or make time for a quick chat to see if your needs can be addressed. An expert coach will also want the relationship to be a good fit - the relationship will be doomed to failure if its not.

3. Set your budget. Like any professional development, you will have to invest in your coaching relationship. The amount that coaches charge varies greatly, and you will have to determine what you can afford. That being said, a good coach should yield a positive return on investment. We want our clients to be earning back many multiples more than they are spending with us as a result of our work together. Like anything, an investment in a coach should ultimately help you earn more money, otherwise, whats the point?

In terms of other resources available, please check out When To Use a Business Coach to make sure that the time is right for you.

And once youve hired someone, dont forget to read How to Get the Most out of Your Business Coach to make sure that youre getting your moneys worth.