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Posted by Linh Du on 2013-11-10 20:28:10
Title: Can anyone suggest a good book or article on how to write a profile/bio of yourself for your website...
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Can anyone suggest a good book or article on how to write a profile/bio of yourself for your website and/or marketing materials?


Dorothy Lazovik
2013-11-14 16:59:45

Hi Linh,

Thank you for your question. Since you are asking how to write a bio for a website and marketing materials I'm going to take a chance that you are in the start up phase of your business. Keeping that in mind there are a few suggestions that will help you craft a compelling bio that will showcase the best of who you are.

As a Personal Brand Strategist who works with leaders to stand out for who they are, it is important to start with the idea of how you want to be known by your audience. What are the words you would love to hear them use to describe you? Write down your top four to six words. Use these words as a guideline for the voice of your bio to create the impression you intend.

For instance if your descriptors are humorous, approachable, friendly and honest what are the words you would use to share your bio story? If your descriptors are smart, savvy, compassionate and trustworthy what would that sound like? Your content will be the same but the writing style and language you use will be different.

Once you know how you want to come across and how you will be using your bio there are some basic universal elements you want to include:

  • Your name and specialty.
  • Description of what you do and the benefits.
  • Description of the clients you work with which can be as simple as young professionals or at home moms with young children.
  • Your achievements and professional contributions. For example mentioning any honors, awards or being a contributing writer to an industry publication.
  • Organizations you are involved in and activities that support the message of who you are.
  • Your contact information depending on how you are using the bio. For instance when you use your bio on your website there is no need to add your contact information.
You will need to have more then one version and it is something you need to update regularly. The length of your bio depends on where you are using it and how. A bio is written in third person as it lends itself to being more professional.

To merge the personality of your bio with the facts research people in your industry and outside your industry that you hold in high regard. Read their bio and determine what you like and what you don't like. Do they reveal a personal side or do they list the facts? That can provide a starting point for a style you can model.

If you are interested in checking out a few online resources I am sharing two links that stood out in providing information and were just a little different. One link even provides examples. brogan-fact/ you-stand-out-from-the-crowd/

I hope the information I provided is helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Warm regards,
Dorothy, Personal Brand Strategist
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