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Posted by Christina on 2014-04-21 11:28:54
Title: Can someone explain to me how to use hashtags?...
Category: Leadership

Can someone explain to me how to use hashtags?


Anthony Bartolo
2014-04-23 10:28:39

Hi Christina,

The hashtag symbol # found before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in online social submissions (found in Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Yammer) allows said submission to be categorized. In creating this category, people can submit their responses to the original submission furthering the conversation. When used properly, keywords that contain hashtags can grow in organic audience participation and can be the catalyst of new ideas based on the original tweet or submission.

Anthony Bartolo

Sherry Colbourne
2014-04-25 23:17:42
Followup question:
Hi Christina, are you clear on "how to" use the hashtag? If I may add to Anthony's comment, put the hashtag symbol in front of words that you want your post to be searchable for. For example, I'm a BIG advocate of entrepreneurism so I might post something on Twitter or Google+ about #entrepreneurism. Never use more than 2 in any given post as data shows it negatively affects the posts impact and visibility. I hope that helps!