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Posted by Todd Beechey on 2013-12-26 21:59:36
Title: Does anyone have any experience with outsourcing blog content for their own blogs? Good experience ...
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Does anyone have any experience with outsourcing blog content for their own blogs? Good experience or not? We operate in a niche industry, and I am trying to focus my time on the most important things. We need lots of content as a start up, and writing is not my skill set. Found a blog outsourcing service that might be interesting to look at, but not sure if this is the kind of thing you would want to outsource. Thanks!


Fix My Biz
2014-01-07 11:30:51

Hi Todd,

Deciding what to farm out and what to keep in-house can be a challenge.  In our opinion this is an example of exactly the kind of thing you would want to outsource.  As a start-up, we’re willing to bet you’ve got much bigger fish to fry than trying to come up with fresh blog content on a regular basis.  You mention that writing is not in your skill set.  We’d argue that even if it was, blogging likely wouldn’t be the best use of your time.  (The rule of thumb is that you can outsource what isn’t in your wheelhouse as long as you aren’t outsourcing your core competency.  In other words, if you’re a blogger you probably shouldn’t outsource your blog!)

Setting the tone and general direction for blog content should absolutely be undertaken in-house.  We’d suggest spending the time to set either an editorial calendar or some very strict guidelines about what goes in the blog.  Needless to say, someone within the company should also approve content before it goes live.

Outsourcing content writing to the experts makes a lot of sense.  You may want to use a service as you mentioned, or you might establish an ongoing relationship with one freelance writer.  Some of our clients have even hired interns to create content.  Like you would with any supplier, do your homework.  Ask around and make sure that your company’s message is in good hands.


Danielle Botterell & Amy Ballon, Spark Consulting

Bryan Kelly
2014-01-08 14:07:53
Followup question:
Todd, you have an excellent idea and there are excellent people available. You just need controls in place as Danielle/Amy stated. My suggestion: your industry (yachts, tourism, hospitality) has many writers very willing to freelance. Make your first assignment conditional on your satisfaction and require a review before any new material gets posted. In my area, (personal finance, investing) there numerous writers are available and a good number do very good to excellent work. I am sure you will find the same.

Todd Beechey
2014-01-08 20:06:18
Followup question:
Thanks for the advice! I agree that I need to outsource, and the question is, as with anything, finding the best partner. Have a great day - thanks for responding!