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Posted by Adam W Steeves on 2014-08-01 18:38:00
Title: Does promoting the "Charitable Aspect" of (ie footrrCares program) bring in actual users ...
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Does promoting the "Charitable Aspect" of (ie footrrCares program) bring in actual users or will it deter those who only care about making their own buck and not helping other? (reference: for info)


Daniel Feuer
2014-08-19 11:53:00

Working with or being associated with a charity can make good business sense.  Commonly referred to as “Cause Marketing”, these alignments can help create a win-win situation for the business and charity.  Generally speaking a business will associate themselves with a charity by donating goods/services in-kind or through a percentage of sales to the charity.  In return the business gets to use the weight and goodwill of the charity’s name.

Choosing a charity can be a challenge, but generally speaking the charity should match up with the business on several fronts:

• Similar demographics for the target market;

• A charity you yourself would support;

• Excellent reputation

To answer your question, participating in Cause Marketing alone will not necessarily mean more sales or deter customers.  Charitable giving can be a touch subject depending on the charity, especially those that are involved in sensitive areas.  I would recommend any business look in to the benefits of giving back and seriously consider partnerships where beneficial.  The only real way to know if your charitable endeavour had any impact would be to conduct a survey.

I personally believe the first need of Cause Marketing is to benefit the charity and demonstrating anything less will hurt both organizations.  All else being equal, I would prefer to spend my money with an organization that supports a charity I can relate to.  The Cause Marketing tool is just another resource for entrepreneurs can use to create success.

I hope that this helps you along your entrepreneurial path!

Daniel Feuer
Serial Entrepreneur