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Posted by Greg Schreeuwer on 2014-06-27 14:47:59
Title: Hi, I'd like to know who I can contact or connect with in regards to investment for my company. I...
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Hi, I'd like to know who I can contact or connect with in regards to investment for my company. Information is below. I have a private company. It’s an education-based company with a focus on teaching people how to successfully understand, appreciate and transform bullying globally. My company is moving towards the development of an educational system/institute that is values driven. The reason for this is so that children can be in control of their own education in a way that is aligned with who they are and what they would truly love to learn. I have discovered through my own personal and professional experience that this approach to helping children will inevitably resolve bullying as it currently presents itself because the system is centred around honouring children for who they are. When kids feel valued, they don’t seek to do whatever is necessary to get that attention or validation. I launched the company 2 years ago although I haven’t been able to monetise it just yet. I have been clarifying my vision and the direction of the company over that period. I have also been connecting with strategic partners around delivering the best resources. I am currently running an online youth summit featuring 24 leading experts on youth empowerment and leadership. This is my first major release for my company and the beginning of the vision for where I’m driving my company. If you need this information before passing it along, here is the online link: If there’s anything else you need, please let me know. With gratitude, Greg Schreeuwer


Adil Dhalla
2014-07-08 16:32:36

Hi Greg, after you've invested whatever you personally can, common wisdom is to tap into your existing network - your friends, your family and your fools (people you know who have a lot of money and high tolerance for risk). If you can't get anyone from this segment to buy into what you're doing, it's a stretch to imagine a completely stranger will! Even in most crowdfunding campaigns (another great resource for early stage fundraising), it's this group that is among the first to purchase a perk and it's their validation (or lack thereof) that catches the attention of the masses.

As a general rule, funding becomes much easier the more traction you have with your work (i.e. revenues, users, etc.). Unless you have a proven track record of starting and selling companies, most investors will deem you too risky, be it an angel, venture or bank. So my advice to you first and foremost is focus on building traction and when you start seeing that happening, there's a healthy pool of websites (i.e. AngelList), accelerators (i.e. Y Combinator, Jolt, etc.) or early stage micro loan programs (e.g Ontario's Catapult Microloan Fund) that you can look into.

I won't sugarcoat it for you Greg, raising capital is tough work and much like starting a company in general, the product of being crafty, tenacious and well connected. But it's possible and there's lots of great sources of inspiration out there for you to learn from.

Hope that helps Greg and best of luck!

Adil Dhalla,Director of Culture
Centre for Social Innovation