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Posted by Jeff Hoeppner on 2014-07-25 10:29:00
Title: Hi there, Aside from my clothing brand, I also manage a small marketing agency. We have a cl...
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Hi there, Aside from my clothing brand, I also manage a small marketing agency. We have a client with a sponsorship opportunity. Looking for advice on how to go about requesting sponsor dollars, and what services add value to the businesses that may want to sponsor. The client is a (attractive) female sprint car driver with some great opportunities in the 2015 season that require large sponsorships. Thanks all, Jeff Hoeppner


Daniel Feuer
2014-07-29 15:19:00

When you have sponsors, the expectation is that they receive promotional value in exchange for their products.  It’ll be up to you to prove your ability to gain media attention for your driver and sponsored products.  Having sponsor names on car and driving gear is all well (and expected) given that she’ll be photographed when she (hopefully) wins!  But everyone else is doing this, you’ll need to go one better for sponsorship, but don’t necessarily look at the world of sprint car driving.

One suggestion, look at how the various award shows go about sponsorship and I’m thinking of the “gift bag”.  How often before the Juno or Academy awards is there article after article talking about the gift bag?  Can your sponsors donate various products that you can offer as contest give-aways to fans of your driver? Is it possible at various sprint car events, to have your sponsors setup tables where they can offer/promote their products? Can your driver sign some of the products to be auctioned off at a community (or your own on/offline) charitable event?

All of these “gifting” opportunities provide a potential for free publicity, which is a large part of what your sponsors seek. Understand what the expectations are of your sponsors and do one better.

I hope that this helps you along your entrepreneurial path!

Daniel Feuer 
Chief ! Officer, Think Idea DO Consulting