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Posted by Nicola Fanstone on 2014-06-15 06:02:00
Title: Hi there, I am a new eCommerce website, and will be selling home and garden products from Scandi...
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Hi there, I am a new eCommerce website, and will be selling home and garden products from Scandinavia and Japan. What is the best way to go about launching my company with a bang, and get a couple articles published in magazines? Is that a good strategy or what do you think is the best route to go? Thank you for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you. Best - Nicola

2014-06-27 16:08:00

Hi Nicola -

Great question and congrats on launching your new eCommerce business.
It depends on your budget and if you can hire a PR agency to write and blast a press release.

If you don't have the budget and want to do something on your own. Here are a few tips:

- Create a list of local publication (they are likely going write a story about new business in their town). Get the editors and/or writers contact information such phone, email, and mailing address. Also, include local bloggers or bloggers who write on your niche.
- Depending on your budget, but you might want to send them a gift from your online store. In this package, make it cute, appealing, and reflects your brand. Take sometime to think creatively. Editors usually get a lot of mail - how can your package be picked out from the crowd?
- Write a press release and define why your eCommerce is unique and different from the others. It's important to really understand your brand message and story. Include this release in your package to editors and bloggers.

One more thing to consider, a lot of online retailers are turning to the brick-and-mortar model, such as pop-up stores as a way to create a big bang and engage with their customers (offline). Check out a recent YouInc article on How to Plan a Successful Pop-Up:

Best of luck.

The YouInc Team