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Posted by Natalia Zurawska on 2014-09-22 21:10:00
Title: Hi There, My name is Natalia Zurawska. I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for th...
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Hi There, My name is Natalia Zurawska. I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years, I would love to get any help and advice of how to generate a big following on social media. I have done a lot of work and research on my website regarding search engine optimization. I am also not interested in spending a lot of money. Please let me know if you can help. To see my work, blog, YouTube Channel and E-books - please go to Thanks so very much! Natalia Zurawska Makeup/Hair/SPFX 647 221 5783


Sarah Bancroft
2014-11-04 16:21:00

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for reaching out. You have a fantastic portfolio by the way, and tons of great material with which to build a social media community so you’re off to a good start.

As a cultural creative with a unique talent in an interesting industry you are at a distinct advantage to creating goodwill and building  social networks. Here are a few lessons we have learned along the way at

1. Have a plan

Identify your brand identity (voice, vision, values), your target audience. Ensure all content posted reflects back to your brand identity for consistency and value to your readers. 

2. Have a content strategy

Provide great content, consistently. Consider the following categories when developing your content strategy: educational, inspirational, promotional. Each post should be of value to the reader. BONUS: consider doing a series (Throw back Thursday from your archives or Spotlight Saturday of a different model).

3. Don’t be all things to all people

 You’ll spread yourself too thin and find the efforts exhausting and time soaking. Concentrate on two or three social media platforms that suit your medium, and then use a free dashboard such as Hootsuite to help you organize and schedule your posts. In your case, as a hair and make-up artist, you have insider access to great images and videos, so Instagram, Twitter and YouTube would be good places to concentrate your efforts.

4. Organize and Optimize

Ensure your social media channels are consistent and optimized. This means having a consistent profile pic or logo, tagline, URL across all platforms. With that, be sure every channel is seeded with interesting, relevant content before reaching out to potential followers. You have done that well with your website Colour Chameleon. Use it to create a consistent “voice” through your images and videos on all channels.

5. Post early and often

Immediacy makes social media exciting and shareable. Posting live behind-the-scenes images from your photo sets and video shoots (as long as it’s approved by the client) will build excitement for both your followers and theirs. @Mention who you are with, all the time. This will ensure those people / brands are notified and increases the reach as they are likely to share on their end, to their followers. If you are working with a famous model who is on Instagram (and which one isn’t)? even better.

6. Put the Social in Social Media

Follow back, Retweet, Favourite, reply. Social Media is a two way conversation. Ask questions, reply to questions, share like-minded posts, etc. No one likes a one-way sales broadcaster! 

7. Create Activations

Build a campaign around an event; leverage other networks with guest posts. If, for example, you are working at a Fashion Week, suggest to a local media outlet with a large following that you take over their social media feed for a day, providing them with exclusive content and you with access to a whole new network of potential followers.

8. Contesting

You have access to things others don’t - If you receive a huge cache of new make-up, Run a "Follow for your chance to win!" contest on Instagram, or Retweet to win on Twitter. You’d be surprised how well you will leverage newtorks of fellow beauty buffs. 

9. Quality over Quantity

Building a highly engaged following of influencers is far more important that amassing a huge cohort of nobodies. Follow all the leaders in your field and they might just follow you back.

10. Have fun

Humour is a great way to build trust and virality on social media. Take a few risks as long as they are consistent with your brand identity. If you’re not enjoying posting, your readers will sense it. Ask yourself “Do I love this?” “Does this inspire me?” and if so, post it.

Sarah Bancroft, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief,