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Posted by Maureen Farmer on 2017-05-06 11:43:00
Title: How do I distribute my whitepaper
Category: Marketing

Dear experts, I've just written a whitepaper that I've invested 16 months to complete, including primary and secondary research. The topic is on employee engagement and is entitled "People, Power, and Politics: How Smart Executives Retain Top Talent and Keep the Lights On". It is a special report for CEOs in the electricity industry. As this is my first whitepaper, how do you recommend I launch it? Many thanks, Maureen Farmer | President Word Right Career & HR Consulting Inc. Halifax, Canada


Fix My Biz
2017-10-13 12:09:00

First off, congratulations on your first whitepaper. We hope that the insights you uncovered in your research will help drive your own business growth.

As for promoting your work, there are a variety of ways you can spread the word. Regardless of the nature of your business, youll want to promote the paper via your web site. You could use it as a lead generator by creating a page on your web site where prospects can subscribe to access the paper. You will also want to spread the word on social media. Try pulling out some of the great points uncovered in your paper into bite size pieces for LinkedIn and Twitter. You would also want to share it with your newsletter distribution list. Additionally, you can add a link to your email signature, inviting people to download your whitepaper.

Also, your special report is niche. Youre talking to specific people (CEOs) in a specific industry (electricity). So, where do these guys hang out? Can you pitch your whitepaper to an industry magazine or newsletter? What about promoting it at an upcoming industry conference by applying to be a speaker?

And when youre promoting your whitepaper, remember this: Always include a call to action when you talk about the piece. Youve written this great, well-researched paper. Make sure to use it as a tool to drive sales.

Good luck,

Amy & Danielle