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Posted by Rene Serbon on 2014-01-02 15:07:29
Title: How do I get tips on creating great scripts and processes for prospecting. I am a small company and ...
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How do I get tips on creating great scripts and processes for prospecting. I am a small company and currently have to do all of this myself, but want to grow to a point where I can employ a sales person, but I would like systems and protocols in place. I am struggling to finalize my sales funnel materials.


Rich Perley
2014-01-31 17:04:08

Hi Rene,

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of on-line resources dedicated to sales funnel process, script writing for inbound and outbound, etc...  I've posted a few examples below.  It's a matter of searching the internet and extracting key nuggets from the experts via white papers, webinars, video posts, blogs, etc... It's tedious but free.

On the paid side, any of these companies can be engaged to discuss the challenges, objectives and desired outcomes.  Many have small business or start up packages AND free trials.  The Canadian or American Marketing Association is a great resource for templates, best practices and process flow on demand generation, sales funnels, conversion, etc... These typically require membership.

In general, having started a few small businesses I would recommend the basics:

  • Get your messaging down pat - what is your story - elevator pitch, broader communication, etc...

  • Focus on who exactly are your targets - not everyone under 25 but much more specific - go narrow and go deep with your messaging 

  • Deliver a message that is simple, yet powerful and is focused directly on your target, their use case and the derived benefits

  • Ensure you have basics:

    • Website

    • Blog

    • Social Media presence - B2B (best linked in) and B2C (numerous) & more importantly a plan to populate social media with rich and meaningful posts and content daily

    • Video(s) - critical in today's over-crowded world of messages - populate via web, social media, shared links

Generating demand with the right script and following best practices processes is important BUT in my opinion ensuring the baselines are covered first is critical.  

Inside Sales

  • Download white papers on cold calling, best practices, etc...

  • Webinar on cold emailing and best practices

  • Support community and blog specific to outbound and inbound sales

Sales Scripter

  • Blog, posts and newsletters

  • Free on-line assets to review

Eyes on Sales

  • Tips, lead generation, tools, white papers, etc...

Hub Spot

  • Numerous tutorials, tools, videos, etc... on how to create demand flow, convert and delight customers

  • Process centric - great process for B2C - less so for B2B but still interesting

Rich Perley, Managing Partner, Kinetex