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Posted by Byron Kizas, PCI on 2017-07-05 12:57:00
Title: How do you find an appropriate Mentor?
Category: Leadership

Hello, How do new business owners find mentors that can help them overcome challenges and grow? Are there resources out there that match newcomers with industry experts? Of course I dream big and want to have Arlene herself or Jim Treliving as a mentor but I understand that this is not possible.


Fix My Biz
2017-09-08 14:37:00

For many reasons - accelerating growth, overcoming challenges, not wanting to re-invent the wheel - finding a mentor always ranks high on the wish list of an entrepreneur.

Lets break down your question:

How to Find A Mentor

Weve thought about this issue a lot and encourage your to check out our YouInc article on the subject that was published earlier this year. The punchline? If you cant find the perfect mentor, or the person you have in mind isnt available, break down your specific needs. You can find help from different people in different areas.

Resources to Find Mentors

We dont know where youre located, but we found this helpful article for entrepreneurs in Ontario. Weve worked with, or are familiar with, several of these organizations, and would encourage you to reach out.

Dreaming Big

Dont sell yourself short. While extremely successful entrepreneurs may not be available to mentor you on an ongoing basis, most people will give you a half hour of their time. Position yourself to reach out to your heroes. Do your homework about their accomplishments. Attend events where they will be speaking. If youre polished and prepared, you might just have the encounter youre looking for. Catching a little stardust can be big inspiration.

Good luck!

Amy & Danielle