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Posted by Susan Fedorka on 2015-03-21 10:54:00
Title: How can I get the word out about my business?
Category: Marketing

I am a design consultant specializing in aging-in-place design. My clients should be Boomers and their parents (and they are) but Boomers are not preparing themselves for the coming housing and long term care challenges that the Government of Ontario obviously foresees (Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit). How can I start the conversation and/or get the word out? Thanks


Fix My Biz
2015-04-07 09:35:00

Susan, you’re in a great position. You have expertise in an area for which there is growing demand. What's more, you've got the goods that many people need: a clear sense of what the landscape will look like for seniors and housing. 

The challenge you're facing is perhaps not that people don't know about aging-in-place design, but rather that they tend not to think about before it is absolutely necessary. We agree that you need to start the conversation, and then keep it going. Educating your target market is key.

You'll need a plan for getting the word out:

1) Identify your channels. Where do boomers and their parents get their information? Research which newspapers, magazines, TV shows, websites and in-person experiences are most likely to be consumed by your target audience. 

2) Craft your story/stories. Since aging can be a tricky topic, tone is key. Identify your key messages for your target audiences and write some blog posts, articles, etc. that are both empathetic and educational. For example, one story might be about the tax credit dollars available – to be aimed at the boomers. Another story might appeal to the seniors, extolling the benefits of remaining at home.

3) Pitch, pitch, pitch and follow up, follow up, follow up. Remember that the media needs good content as much as you need your story out there. If you can generate valuable content and position yourself as an expert, we're willing to bet you'll find that the media will welcome your ideas.

Good luck!

Amy Ballon & Danielle Botterell
Spark Consulting