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Posted by Mae Ranger on 2013-11-21 00:45:00
Title: I am an independent distributor of a medically patented,FDA listed medical device for the relief of ...
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I am an independent distributor of a medically patented,FDA listed medical device for the relief of pain,,,and more! .....It is called a trans dermal power strip containing natural ingredients....not drugs! It is proven to work! ...It has potential global distribution....Marketing is by referral marketing...Question :What are the ways to reach people beyond my circle of influence, that need and could benefit from this?..


Karen Schulman Dupuis
2013-11-26 16:23:31

This will be a study in patience, relationship building, and good old fashioned research. This is where you'll earn your social media chops, too.

Start with Twitter and search terms that are relevant to your market (i.e. #pain #rehab #naturopath). You'll find many people and organizations having these discussions. Follow these people, and see who's following them. This is your research homework. Listening, and understanding the concerns, complaints, and opportunities for your product will serve you well, inform you, and help you build your marketing approach.

Since you've mentioned referral marketing is the means by which you'll be building your business, it's important to remember that referral marketing works best there is an authentic, and transparent relationship between referrers. You can't fake this stuff. So, start local. Connect with people that you can connect with face to face. Build the relationships, and build the trust that you'll need to around the efficacy and impact of your product. You can do that through Meetup groups where you can meet people that are already interested in your milieu, or the potential for your product.

There's also LinkedIn Groups. There are many groups that are having discussions about pain, pain management, rehab etc. I wouldn't recommend trying to connect with people directly on LinkedIn unless you already have a relationship with them. By participating in discussions, you will build your credibility and group members' awareness of who you are and what your product offers. Remember though, it's really easy to get spammy when trying to promote your business, so work on sharing your knowledge and acumen rather than just a perfected product pitch. That authority carries far more weight than constant overt promotion.

Karen Schulman Dupuis, Manager, Digital Communications
MaRS Discovery District