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Posted by Judy Vendramini on 2015-11-10 11:55:00
Title: I am looking for a partner in Gluten Be Gone Inc.
Category: Operations

Gluten Be Gone Inc was established as a full time business in May 2014. I have been obtaining clients by cold calling (two restaurants, two bake shops and one delicatessen). I brought on two contract workers in June 2015 as I needed some help. I used contract workers since I was not able to pay a salary. They both work full time in other jobs and seek out potential customers for GBG on weekends. They both obtain clients in their respective neighbourhoods (Markham/Unionville and downtown). The Markham sales person has been able to obtain 1 restaurant and is waiting to hear from two additional clients. The downtown sales person lined up four places, but none of them wanted additional gluten-free food in their establishments. I am in need of a partner. Someone who can add expertise to growing the client base and who can supply some financial assistance. How do I find a partner - do you know of anyone who is interested and can bring experience in the food industry and monetary assistance to the table? Thanks for taking the time to read this email. If you need additional information, please let me know.


Kenneth Maclean
2015-11-11 16:03:00

Calgary-based District Ventures is a new business accelerator founded by Arlene Dickinson that provides investment and expertise to companies launching new consumer packaged good products included those in the food space.

Given your location (Toronto) and industry (Food) it might be worthwhile to start your search for an investment partner with Food Starter.  Led by a not-for-profit board and staff of food industry veterans , Food Starter focuses on helping early-stage food processors commercialize and scale the development of their food products.

Find out about Food Starters Food Commercialization Program