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Posted by Darlene Cresswell on 2014-04-09 10:24:07
Title: I have a software company that's been in business for two years+, we have a story, but that story is...
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I have a software company that's been in business for two years+, we have a story, but that story is not simple and we cover a wide range of options. My question is how do you come up with a pitch that will attract the attention of the people you want to engage with so they want to hear more?


Sunil Godse
2014-04-11 16:55:51

The question you ask is a very general one, and may be difficult to answer without more specifics. The main “attention-grabber” is to make sure you are able to articulate what problem you are trying to solve. What is the burning need that your software seems to solve? Is that burning need specific to a niche industry or customer group? If so, those are the target markets you need to talk to, and make the pitch. Is the price point at a level that customers are willing to pay for that need to be serviced? Do you have a proper mentor that will help ask the tough questions and help you through the various business areas of your company?

With many “options” of the software, make sure you are not trying to do too much. Focus on doing one thing very well, and if the other services are truly complimentary to the initial services, then expand the marketing to those services. If not done in a piecemeal fashion, you may be splicing the team’s attention towards many fronts, and not giving proper attention to those areas with the higher profit margin and/or what is core to the business.

The other aspect I may want to find out is that do you have the right team on board to move this software forward? Do you have a team that is too technical in nature, but lacks the sales or marketing experience? These questions can be answered with some more background on your company, which I do not have.

Good luck!

Sunil Godse – President,