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Posted by Jasser Abu-Giemi on 2013-12-28 12:17:19
Title: I'm considering hiring an SEO expert. When I survey my leads they currently aren't finding me throu...
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I'm considering hiring an SEO expert. When I survey my leads they currently aren't finding me through google searches. Mostly they're finding out about our service through word of mouth, social media etc. The question I have though is how can I estimate the effect that SEO would have on generating leads so that I can reasonably predict what ROI I can expect?


Conrad Page
2014-01-07 11:30:51

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Navigating the waters of SEO can be tricky, and determining the biggest bang for your buck depends on your industry, market, product type and size of your business. SEO performance depends on a variety of factors, but increasing your SEO can come from both paid and earned initiatives.

We recommend that you ensure you have capitalized on your earned generation leads to increase SEO before you begin investing funds into SEO performance. 

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Diana Manzo
2014-01-08 13:48:13
Followup question:
The information you provide is extremely helpful. Much to think about, and thank you.