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Posted by Kathy Paliwoda on 2014-03-11 14:36:08
Title: Is email marketing really working anymore? Are there any ligit email marketing companies/services o...
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Is email marketing really working anymore? Are there any ligit email marketing companies/services out there?


Fix My Biz
2014-03-13 10:39:36

To answer your question, Kathy, we went to our go-to digital expert. Avery Swartz is a web designer who is also the founder of Camp Tech, a company that offers training in tech skills.  Here’s what Avery has to say on the topic of email marketing: 

Email marketing is often overlooked as passé, or not as fun as whatever shiny new social media channel just came out. But email marketing is very effective and shouldn't be ignored. Email marketing is actually growing - a recent study in the US showed that customer acquisition via email has quadrupled over the last four years.

Email goes directly to your customers, instead of waiting for them to come visit you. It's cost-effective and offers excellent value for any marketing budget, especially a small one.  

Here are my Top 5 Email Marketing Tips:

  1. Use an email marketing service to make sure your emails are professional, and your email list is well maintained. I recommend MailChimp because their drag-and-drop email builder is easy for non-technical people to use, their customer support is excellent, and they offer sophisticated features like segmented lists, drip campaigns (also known as autoresponders), and A/B testing. Plus, for many users, MailChimp is free (depending on the size of your email list).

  2. Build your list organically, over time. Think quality, not quantity. It's better to have a small list of really engaged customers than a large list of people who don't even open your email.

  3. Play by the rules. Canada's new Anti-Spam Legislation dictates that everyone on your email list must have opted in to receive your messages. If you don't have permission, you can't email them. And you must have an "unsubscribe" link on your emails.

  4. Consider mobile users. Sixty-five percent of all email gets opened first on a mobile device, so it's essential that your email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile users.  

  5. Track it. You can integrate your email campaigns with tracking and reporting programs (like Google Analytics) so you can analyze your campaigns. Learn what's working and what isn't, so you become more effective with each new email.

Camp Tech is offering a class on Email Marketing in Toronto on March 27. Click here for more details.

All our Best!
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Kathy Paliwoda
2014-03-13 12:06:44
Followup question:
Thank you for your reply. Have you heard of a company called heresy email services out of Etobicoke? He claims to have an email list of thousands of people that are my target market. Realtors and real estate investors. Would using is services be considered spam?