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Posted by Saroop Bharwani on 2016-03-28 13:50:00
Title: Launching and Growing a Start-up in Toronto
Category: Marketing

Hi there, I'm responsible for launching and growing a ride-sharing start-up in a Toronto (starting in a condo-filled neighbourhood consisting of 20,000 residents). It's been two weeks since launch and I've made some initial traction by deploying street teams to spread the word to community residents, running events to network with community leadership, and leveraging social media to spread the word. Other than PR, what other marketing tactics or resources do you recommend I leverage in order to continue growth? Many Thanks!


2016-04-05 17:03:00

Hi there! Thanks for your question.

Marketing is all about finding a target market, finding channels to communicate to that market, and crafting a message that will appeal to that audience. First, pinpoint who is most likely to use your service. From there, find the appropriate channels to communicate to them: newspapers, magazines, Facebook groups, Twitter hashtags, Instagram feeds, etc. Next, figure out what is most appealing about your service from the perspective of your target audience. Find a way to communicate this to them to create your message. 

You might also want to consider getting information from early users such as why they use the service, when they are most likely to use the service, and what tasks they use it for the most. Having more information on your target and their behaviour gives you the power to tailor the offering to best suit them or to better to appeal to a wider range of users.

Another great way of speaking to your audience is by becoming a thought or industry leader by creating unique digital content. A suggestion would be to craft articles for local news organizations or websites about the benefits of ride-sharing over traditional options. Contributing to public debate on ride-sharing or crafting pieces about public transit in general would also offer free exposure for your service.

We at Venture think that following these steps should position you for success. Keep in mind that this is by no means exhaustive advice, and that every business is different.