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Posted by Paula Petrolo on 2015-06-18 07:48:00
Title: New Womens Line
Category: Design

Hi im looking for some advice on how to begin a womens suit line. I am not sure where to begin and my funds are limited . I have a business plan but not sure who to go to for an investor.I would like to work with someone in the fashion industry that can help make my vision become reality. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Best Regards Paula Petrolo.


Sarah Bancroft
2015-06-23 09:32:00

Hi Paula, 

One of the biggest success stories in the Canadian fashion e-commerce space in recent years is Indochino, who have recently added bricks-and-morter showrooms to their online custom suiting business for men. I would definitely study their growth trajectory and strategic investment strategy. I always think that it is important to learn best practices from the harbingers in the industry and the fastest way to do that is to work for that company. There are actually quite a few job postings at right now. Who knows, they might even fund your foray into womens suiting? Although the fashion industry is one of the the biggest industries in the world (US$1.7 Trillion globally in 2012), it is also one of the toughest, so whatever you can do to position yourself from the get-go will be invaluable down the road. Best of luck!

Sarah Bancroft, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief,