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Posted by Ernest Florentino on 2015-10-10 11:09:00
Title: Next Step for
Category: Technology

Hi there, I need advice on how to market and sell my products online. I do customer Reception Wall Signs, Logo Signs, etc. I am confident that my products will sell, I have some experience in selling online, but my stumbling block is HOW to sell this using automated click pay and deliver. It's something that an interested buyer will still have to send me pictures, their logo, I will send the customer a mock up picture (so they can visualize what they're going to get) then, discuss budget... Is there a solution to this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ernest Florentino


Kenneth Maclean
2015-10-27 15:20:00

Given the unique nature of your product (3D reception signs) the online channel may be used more to showcase your product and services than actually taking transactions.  Any product that requires customization would fall into this category and may require people speaking directly with you before making an online purchase. 

However, before you invest in an e-commerce storefront, remember demand generation is critical.  Leading search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) still represent a key channel for generating qualified leads because people who are interested in your product often start their search there.   You could test a Google pay-per-click campaign to see if it generates both qualified leads as well as conversions. 

It may also be worth investigating if there are online B2B and trade publications that cover your industry.  They may offer online classified listings that reach a very targeted audience in the market for 3D signs.

Best of luck!