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Posted by Caroline Risi on 2013-11-29 18:15:08
Title: So i have wasted a tremendous amount of capital having my site built in several different languages,...
Category: Technology

So i have wasted a tremendous amount of capital having my site built in several different languages, edirectory, drupal, dotNet. Html, javascript ... It is a tremendously robust platform with custom algorithms, atrificial intelligence, social interactive activities, enormous database with auto features ... what is the bast language to build it in that can withstand enormous scalability probably quite quickly and international expansion? and Why?


Tony Tomasone
2013-12-11 17:04:33

Hi Caroline, I'm assuming you have built your site in the context of a small and medium sized business. For many small businesses, it really makes sense to make use of cloud-based services for many of your technology needs. Some of the main advantages of cloud-based services are:

  • in-house hardware or software maintenance are not required
  • no wasted capacity as you only pay for what you use
  • easily scale up to very large request fluctuations during busy periods
  • access to the data you need wherever you are
  • better synchronization support
  • continuous backup and better recovery capability
  • generally better availability and reliability
  • usually easier to deploy new changes
As with every new and exciting technology, there are always some caveats or disadvantages:
  • need to be careful with controlling your costs during busy periods as these costs can easily get out of hand
  • some of these services can really limit your technology options or features
  • need to be aware of where your data is hosted for legal and privacy reasons
  • sometimes the larger service providers can be a more tempting target for hackers, but this is usually balanced by the providers focusing greater attention on security
The most popular cloud-based hosting services are Windows Azure (WA), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google App Engine (GAE). Windows Azure and AWS currently allows for many more technology options than GAE; including many of the ones you've mentioned in your question. GAE currently officially supports only Python, and Java (although Go and PHP are in experimental status). Support for data storage in GAE is through BigTable or MySQL.

From a development language perspective, you can see how your hosting selection will limit your choices of which language and database you select. Some of the busiest sites in the world use many of these languages so it's hard to recommend one. For example Facebook uses PHP and MySQL whereas Twitter is based on Ruby and MySQL. My suggestions is to pick your hosting platform first, and then use that to guide your other downstream technology choices.

Generally having a lot of traffic is a great problem that most small business would love to have so congratulations on getting this far!

Tony Tomasone
Chief Technology Officer,
Venture Communications and Arlene Dickinson Enterprises